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Introducing the RADAR RENEGADE AT-5, your all-weather, all-terrain passenger light truck/SUV tire. Masterfully crafted with features such as wide center tread blocks, multiple sipes, and new stone ejector technology, you can be confident staying in the driver's seat no matter the weather.

The AT-5 also carries the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol, so you can rest assured you're well-equipped to tackle whatever might come your way. The 3-ply construction helps increase your tire's stability and resistance to punctures on even the toughest terrain. On top of that, the 50,000 Mile Tread Wear Mileage Warranty and Road Hazard Replacement Warranty provide you with the ultimate level of assurance you deserve.

Experience enhanced stability, handling, and even treadwear with the RADAR RENEGADE AT-5. Get yours today and enjoy peace of mind knowing you're outfitted for all of your adventures.