Mud Terrain

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Are you looking for a dependable tire that can handle extreme terrain without breaking the bank? The RBP Repulsor M/T is here for you. This Mud-Terrain tire is the perfect choice for your light truck, SUV, or crossover.

The Repulsor M/T is designed to provide amazing traction and grip, no matter the conditions - from rain, sleet, mud, snow, to literally everything else in between. Its large, staggered tread blocks, open shoulders, and detailed upper shoulder design ensure constant road contact, while its extended sidewall pattern enables the Repulsor M/T to find grip in deep mud and sand. As an added bonus, you won't experience the jarring noise and uncomfortable ride quality that other tires often have. Plus, this tire is available in 31" to 40" applications, so it offers a variety of sizes to fit any kind of vehicle.

If you're looking for an incredible mud-terrain tire that offers tremendous performance without emptying your wallet, then the RBP Repulsor M/T is the ideal choice for you. With its amazing traction, minimal road noise, and comfortable ride quality, this tire has everything you need. Get ready for your next off-road adventure with the RBP Repulsor M/T the perfect tire for any light truck, SUV, or crossover.